Sporting Activities for Conference Attendees to Balance the Long-Sitting Hours

Conference planners have a difficult task- to accommodate the diversity of taste among attendees.

Conferences attract a varied audience with different cultural, social, and religious backgrounds. It’s essential to accommodate all these in the choice of the venue.

In the planning process, you need to have answers to the following questions

  • What are some of the refreshing activities after the conference?
  • How can attendees stretch during breaks?
  • Are there other additional facilities that will enhance their comfort?
  • What are the religious and cultural backgrounds of the guests?
  • What is the theme of the conference?

One of the factors to consider for a conference venue is the additional services which include sports facilities.

Prolonged sitting hours is detrimental to their health. They need to have a touch of nature in the course of their stay in the conference facility is significant.

 Imagine holding a conference in an apartment with no room for stretching. It’s, lifts, lifts all the time.

Is that not monotonous? 

Diversity in activities is the fun of a conference. Think of their well being, especially if it’s a month-long conference. Comfort is vital to their health.

Attendees should come out of that conference with a memorable experience. As a conference planner, here are some activities you should avail to the participants

  • Sporting facilities
  • Chalk wall writings
  • Concerts
  • Late night parties
  • Conference city exploration

Our focus in this article is the best sporting facilities to have for your upcoming conference

  1. Table tennis

After a long day sitting listening to participants and facilitators in the interactive sessions; you need time to stretch your legs.

Get a ping pong table with all the table tennis equipment. Change to your sporting attire and give your body a run for their time.

 It’s one game that exercises both the upper and the lower limbs for that good feeling. You don’t have to play like a pro to enjoy the game. The little you know is enough to give you the fun experience.

2. Nature walk

You aim to exercise your legs to enhance blood flow. Conferences never take the whole day. Most of them end at around 4 o’clock.

You have a few hours to have your dinner. Depending on the location, most of the conference venue has a touch of nature to allow guests to enjoy a nature trail.

It’s a good way of interacting and knowing each other better away from the formal set up. Walking helps to improve blood flow and maintain a healthy weight.

3. Basketball

If there is a basketball court within the facility they use this as a team-building activity.

 It doesn’t have to be a formal basketball game but an activity that brings everyone n board away from the brainstorming sessions.

The primary investment is the court and the balls. The rest you only need willing participants to play. You can even set your own rules to accommodate everyone in fun.

4. Athletics

If the facility has space and you don’t want any hassles in getting sporting equipment, then athletics is a better option.

Take time and have a morning run before the sessions and evening runs after the sessions.

To have the best experience with this, allow people to run at their pace. If you come from different continents; why not do a short relay as a competition. You have many ideas to do in line with athletics.

5. Swimming

Is there a conference facility without a swimming pool? Your answer is as good as mine. Swimming is a good sport for your guests for it stretches all the muscles and inflammation you may incur during the long sitting hours.

Stanford, Ca – Tuesday, October 9, 2018: Stanford women’s swimming and diving opened the season with a 191-101 victory over Utah at Avery Aquatic Center.

Cardiologists appreciate the improved health associated with this sport. Moreover, it removes excess toxins responsible for muscle pain as well as allows both your body and mind to relax.

6. Gym sessions

In case you are on a fitness program, attending a conference should deter you from achieving your fitness goals.

Gym facility is an excellent sport to help conference attendees to take care of their physical health.

Depending on what you want to achieve out of the training sessions, use the right gym tools to achieve your goals.

 The only caution is that you need not to over engage yourself in this for you need your body and mind to focus on what brought you to the city- attending the conference.

7. Indoor games

You must accept different personalities. In your plan, consider the introverts who love their space.

 Look at the people who prefer to stay indoors but still want to have fun. Avail a few board games to cater to such people. These include

  • Scrabble
  • Chess
  • Drafts
  • Draughts

The list is endless. Obviously, some people may have no idea of how to play the game. That’s the enjoyment.

Use experts to teach the rest as they sip their cup of coffee.

As you choose the kind of sporting activities for the conference, you need to have the following factors into consideration.

  • Age of the participants
  • The number planning to use the facility
  • Availability of the sporting equipment- it should be within your budget
  • Tastes and diversity in the sport events
  • Available space for the kind of exercise

The conference is an activity that attracts many participants. However, you need to take precaution lest you over-invest in the facilities yet they may not be of importance. One way to get the hobbies of your attendees is to send forms early enough to participants to have an overview of the kind of sport they want to have during their stay.

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