Ping-Pong Conference Table: The Table For Conferences and Games

When looking to establish an appropriate table for an incoming conference, it is always good to be sure of the best. An appealing table does not only complement your office outlook but serves more than one purpose. A Ping-Pong table is one kind that will meet all these qualifications.

A ping-pong conference table will give you the best setting for a conference and a chance to play your game on it. You can convene a meeting or do some game playing like table tennis using the table. This article looks at this table in details.

History of Ping-Pong Conference Table

The term ping-pong was first coined by a firm called J. Jaques and son by the end of the year 1800. The trademark later spread to the United States by Parker Brothers, a company that dealt with board games.

Originally, ping-pong was started on the dining tables in England. Actually, it was called White whaff’ in its early days. The name had evolved from the name ‘Gossima’ that was used by Jacques gaming company.

Today, the ping-pong table making has been upgraded to produce multi-purpose table. The upgraded ping-pong table is popular since it serves a game playing purpose as well as conferencing purpose. They come in different types for you to choose according to your needs. There are options for a 12-seater conference table, standing table, and occasional tables.

The conference tables come in different colors and at different costs. Though friendly, the prices of the table differ according to the type of the table and the size. It all depends on the number of people attending the conference or the meeting.

Features of Ping-Pong Conference Tables

Ping-Pong conference tables have the following features that make them outstanding in a number of ways;

i) Size.
The tables come in different sizes to suit different corporate needs. There are those that are huge enough to accommodate 12-people while others are smaller to accommodate 6 or fewer individuals.

ii) Multipurpose.
The table can be used for different purposes. After a long meeting or conference, the participants can gather around for an in-house friendly table tennis match.

iii) Adjustability.
The table is adjustable for a sitting- height conference table to a higher table for playing games when participants are standing. It can also be separated into two Tables to suit more needs.

iv) Durability.
The mahogany tables are highly durable as they are made of hardwood.

Ping-pong conference table is very different from a regular table. A regular table cannot be used for meetings and conferences but for games alone. However, ping-pong conference table can be used for games and conferences due to its adjustability. Compared to Harvard ping-pong table, the ping-pong conference table still maintains a higher utility level. This is because the Harvard ping pong table is solely for gaming.

Ping-pong conference table is the best for corporate employees as it gives them a chance to create cooperation when they are seated together discussing business. The table is also classy giving them a sense of prestige.

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